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Shenzhen Sunwind Energy Tech Co.,Ltd
About Us
Shenzhen Sunwind Energy Tech Co LTD is a professional high tech enterprise specialized in Lithium battery research and development production and sales committed to building a famous brand in the battery field We are one of the leading manufacturers in China which have professional battery decoding technology with 19 years of industry experience Strict quality control system accurate product positioning innovative unique and diversified sales channels which make our products have a huge market potential Our company has production base in Hubei province and Dongguan city Our battery widely use on Mobile phone Tablet POS machine E cigarette Bluetooth headset Wearable and communication...

Categories and Products

12V LiFePO4 Battery

POS Terminal Battery

Mobile Phone Battery

Tablet Battery

Smart Watch Battery

BT Headset Battery

BT Speaker Battery

Barcode Scanner Battery

Game Player Battery

Router Battery

GPS Battery

USB Rechargeable Battery

MP3 Musical Battery

Sweeper Robot Battery

Amazon Kindle Battery

Custom Battery

Primary Battery

C D SIZE Battery

Battery Charger

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